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Sarah's Books

As well as working as a Holistic Eco Therapist, I also love to write books to support children and families.

My books are available to buy on Amazon and Kindle, click on the titles to buy.

It's here, it's finally HERE!! I have worked so hard, it has taken me 4 years of writing and trying out ideas to bring you the very best nature based activities I could create, and now I can share it all with you.

Naturally Creative is a book designed to inspire children and families to get outside, immerse themselves in the natural world and, most importantly, have fun together through play and creativity.


In this book, I will share seasonal activities to excite the imagination all year round, whatever the weather. For each activity, I have called upon my knowledge and experience both as an educator and as a parent to suggest possible learning outcomes and ways to extend learning further. So, if you are home educating or using this book in schools or nurseries, it will support your planning.

I'm pleased to say that you can buy your very own copy right here!

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Magical Magnificat woke up one sunny day, she stretched and yawned and stretched again, and went outside to play…
Follow Magical Magnificat on her mindful meanders around the town where she lives, taking in the sights, sound and smells as you go. This is a simple story that will help children (and adults), to spend a little bit of time enjoying mindful moments and getting lost inside a story.

Magical Magnificat was created by my then 8-year-old daughter, who drew the initial sketches one day after school. She showed her drawings to me, and between us we set to work making a story to capture the imaginations of young children. Evelyn drew all of the Magnificats which are hidden in the book illustrations. Can you find them all?

Is Home Education the Right Choice for Our Family? – This is a practical resource that offers support, clarity and thinking space to families who are considering home education as an option. It relates specifically to the UK education system, but the tasks can be applied anywhere in the world!

The decision to home educate is a big, life-changing decision for everyone involved, and so I wanted to write this book to help you really think through what home education would mean for your family. I will help you to explore other options, and will share useful links to places and agencies that offer free advice and support.

I am a mother of three, a qualified primary school teacher (who does not teach in a school), a home educator, a holistic therapist, certified life coach, and a writer. I have supported children and families in a variety of creative and therapeutic roles for almost 25 years and believe passionately that we must support the whole child if they are to really learn.

After deciding to home educate my own son in 2017, I launched The Do Try This at Home School as a way to share our journey and also to offer free support to other families. Since then, The Do Try This at Home School has undergone many changes and evolved into the small business that it is today.

I hope that you find this book helpful.

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