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Nature for Wellbeing

The Nature for Wellbeing group

Nature for Wellbeing is a 6-week course for adults, that offers you a chance to take some time for yourself and reconnect with nature in new, creative ways.

Held in outside spaces as much as possible, or indoors with time outside in the winter, Nature for Wellbeing is a flexible, therapeutic group that can bring about huge positive change for people.

Each week we spend time focusing on a different, nature-based activity that will support participants to develop a deeper relationship with the natural world. .

As well as this, the group offers participants the opportunity to reflect upon their lives, the things that they are grateful for and the changes they would like to make personally. Using journaling and key questions, each week we explore a different area of our lives.

Based on the principles of nature connectedness and developed by me, over a period of 12 months with participants from the Aspire Project at Bechange, in East Kent, Nature for Wellbeing is one of the most effective, rewarding groups I have ever run. My aim was to bring holistic ways of working to groups of people who perhaps might not usually access this type of support.


The feedback has been incredible. 100% of the participants said that the group had been helpful for them, and comments included:


“I’m much more positive, optimistic and confident.”

“I’ve tapped into my artistic side for the first time in my life and this has impacted very positively on
my mental health.”

“I’m practicing gratitude journaling and paying attention to positives. I’m being more mindful of all
of my feelings and I am giving myself space to feel them. It has reignited my interest in crafts and
other creative hobbies.”

“I have learned new art techniques as well as therapeutic tools that I use to help me. I am more

If you would like me to run this group in your work setting for your team or at your charity, community group or forest school, please contact me. I am based in East Kent, but can cover places such as Thanet, Canterbury, Folkestone, Deal and Dover. Email:

Please watch this short video about the Nature for Wellbeing group and all of the goodness that came from it.

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