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Reflexology for fertility and hormonal balance

Are you struggling with hormonal imbalance? Perhaps you are perimenopausal, or maybe you are experiencing difficulties in trying to conceive? 

When our hormones are out of sync, it makes us feel like we are not our usual selves. We might be more anxious that usual, or more tearful. It can effect our sleep, our skin our metabolism and our general well being.

There will undoubtedly be a number of contributing factors to hormonal unbalance, and working together, we will be able to discuss these and find ways to support you.

What is Reproflexolgy?

“Reproflexology’ – the study and treatment of male and female reproductive and fertility conditions using reflexology – is a specialist therapy that has been pioneered and carefully developed by Barbara Scott over 20 years. The therapy can be applied either as a stand-alone treatment to support natural conception, or alongside fertility treatment.”

B.Scott Reflexology For Fertility: A practitioners’ guide to natural and assisted conception (2016)

I trained in Reproflexology, with Barbara Scott, the founder of this fascinating and ground breaking type of reflexology, following my own positive experiences of reflexology when trying to conceive.

The information and knowledge that I have gained and from this training and continue to gain from the ongoing research and support are deeply fascinating to me, and I hope that I can use my passion for this area of reflexology to support couples who are experiencing difficulties, or who would just like a pre-conception health boost.

What to expect

Reproflexology offers a holistic approach to fertility and hormonal balance more generally. So not only will we look at the physical causes and symptoms of fertility and hormonal issues, but we will also explore the impact of exterior influences such as stress, lifestyle choices, exercise and many other things.

At the initial consultation I will ask you to bring along a completed questionnaire, as well as copies of any recent medical test results that you might have, and we will talk about these in detail and begin to formulate a treatment plan. Ideally both partners will attend this consultation.

After our discussion it is helpful for me to do a repro-assessment of your feet, this will only take a few minutes, and is again extremely useful in helping me to support you.

Following the initial consultation we will plan treatments accordingly and monitor the effects of both the reflexology and any changes you make together at home.

Does my partner have to come to the initial consultation?

When we are trying to conceive it is good to be as supportive of each other as possible, and so for the initial consultation, even if they do not wish to have any further treatments with me, it is helpful for them to attend.

However, I also understand that this can be both difficult and stressful for couples and so I will happily work with individuals as well.

A note about temperature charting

For reproflexology clients, I do ask that women chart their basal body temperature on a daily basis and share this information with me if at all possible. This gives me a clearer understanding of hormone levels and what is happening in each cycle, so it is therefore a key piece of information. It is also beneficial to clients, as they begin to see the positive impact of lifestyle changes and reflexology treatments on their health.


It may also help you to keep a circular chart on the emotions you are feeling each day. This can provide us with a lot of information on the impact that different hormones are having on you and how you can best utilise them to improve your every day life. I find all of this work completely fascinating, but I will tell you more about that when we meet!

Alongside charting, we will talk about recognising fertile signs, which again enables you to feel more in control and in tune with your body. If daily temperature charting is an issue, we can discuss other ways of recording this information.

IVF and assisted conception

As well as supporting natural fertility, Reproflexology can also be used alongside assisted conception treatments, including IUI and IVF. Again we have specific protocols to follow and treatments will follow and support clients on their treatment cycles. Barbara Scott works closely with many fertility specialists in order to ensure that we are kept up to date with the latest treatments and drugs, and she works tirelessly to promote the benefits of Reproflexology during treatment cycles.

How long will we work together for?

I so wish I could tell you that a certain number of treatments would magically bring you a baby, I understand that deep sadness and longing only too well, however I cannot do that. 

I can say that if we are able to work together for 12 weeks initially, improving life styles and making small, but important changes, as well as incorporating reflexology, you will most likely see an improvement in your fertility and overall health.

After that I am happy to support clients for as long as they need me.

If you have any questions or would like more information please feel free to contact me via email:

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